Overall Good

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3.5 stars rounded up.

I found myself absolutely adoring Jake’s character. A quiet, reserved, queer African American teenager, living in the shadow of his older, more rebellious brother, and attending an all-white prep school.

The book itself is not typically the kind of book I read, so this thriller/horror story was a welcome change. Overall, I had mixed feelings about the story as a whole. I felt there were great parts that I enjoyed and kept me turning the pages, as well as parts that left me confused and verbally saying “huh?” as I read it.

Again, I very much enjoyed Jake’s character- he was so sweet and I found myself sympathizing for and rooting for him the entire book. Same with Allister. I also found myself sympathizing with __ which I didn’t want to do!

On the other hand, I felt very confused at times about Jake’s… powers?… I felt like the story at times got very supernatural very quickly, without any kind of lead-up or explanation, which left me confused at times. I would literally be reading, have to stop, go back a page or two and ask myself “wait, what’s happening?”

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It kept me turning the page and wanting to pick it up once I had put it down. I also love the cover art!