much more intense than I thought!

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The Taking of Jake Livingston was a book that I had to put down a few times. It is chilling and as someone who has the fear tolerance of a pebble, I needed some distance at some points especially considering the trigger warnings. Overall, The Taking of Jake Livingston balances intense character detail - both of Sawyer and Jake - with action that will leave you gasping. From the racism Jake experiences - which made my blood seriously boil - to Sawyer's chapters, this book is intense!

Heart wrenching is probably how I'd describe The Taking of Jake Livingston in one word, okay two words. All these moments of abuse and being lost in our own thoughts. The insults and bullying, the pain and hurt, which can compress into a festering wound. All the anger and pain that can be warped, when indulged, into something more deadly. But The Taking of Jake Livingston is also a book about how when we give into rage, it can become an all consuming fire. What I mean about it being a character study, is that it's almost like watching two boiling pots.