Mixed Feelings

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Overall I want to say that it was a really good book that I am very happy that I got to read and review. The plot and powers were interesting and I really liked the romantic subplot between Jake and Allister. They were adorable, realistic, and probably the best part of the book. I also thought that overall the writing itself was good and that there was very little in terms of issues relating to the actual plot and plot holes.

On the other hand, I think there were three issues the book suffered from. One was how the villain was written. I think the author should have gone with a less intense/emotional backstory, because there were parts of the story that made me really sad for him and I really did not want to sympathize with him. Unfortunately, everything the author wrote for the backstory including bullying, SA, and his relationships just pushes you to feel something for him; at least in my opinion. The second issue how confusing the powers were, because even though the powers were cool they were introduced quickly and in hectic times that probably could have been slowed down. And I understand that the point was that he was learning and growing as the story went on, but there wasn't even foreshadowing to some of those bigger moments. Finally the third issue is relatively minor but I think worth mentioning. I didn't always understand how Jake interacted with people. To elaborate, he has a "friend" in the beginning of the book that he's quite frankly an asshole to and I honestly don't understand it when he complains about not being really liked by the rest of the student that when he has no other friends or people willing to be nice to him until Allister comes along. Also, he and his brother don't really seem to get along most of the book but then at the end of the book it's revealed that his brother literally dragged his dad off of him when he was beating him; which like also wasn't foreshadowed that well. I'm just saying that I don't understand the hostility that they seem to have for each other half of the book if their past has that kind of event.

I really wanted to like the book and for the most part I did. I know the three issues looks like a lot but those are much more subjective than most problems I find in books.