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I consider myself a slow reader, but this one I read it in like 8 hours which is an amazing record for me.
The book was super fast paced and didn't get stuck on unnecessary events, the scenes were straight to the point, and that made it a page turner.
As for the characters, although the fact that the main character is a medium and I can not relate to that at all, his personality is super likable in my opinion. And for the other characters, the author made and amazing point on creating a personality likable or unlikable that the reader can totally catch on and don't have mixed feelings about them. The characters even though some don't get along with each other they have an impressive chemistry and makes then relatable.
The mood in this book is spooky, mysterious, and will definitely give you goosebumps. This mood matches perfectly t the plot of the story, and I am delighted with every detail.
I honestly considered this book to be short, it could've have so much more information about Jake's powers, or how do they exactly work. Although, lets be honest, that would've cut the pace of the book and could have affected it.
I loved this one! Thank you for sending it.