I enjoyed this book

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Overall, I enjoyed this book.

When I first read the synopsis, I was nervous because of the school-shooter aspect (that's not something I particularly enjoy reading about). However, I feel that the author handled that element with a lot of care, so it didn't bother me. Though I will say that there were certainly some intense moments in this book--it was frightening at some parts! (Possessions aren't usually my thing though, so that's on me.)

I thought that the pacing of this book was well done, despite it being short. I do wonder if the author could have developed the world a bit more, even though it was our world.

I liked how the author handled black queer trauma and microaggressions.

I do feel like the darker aspects of the story overshadowed the slow-burn romance, but I didn't mind that too much.

I applaud the author for tackling so many tough topics in the style of an intriguing horror novel!