Hauntingly enjoyable!

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The Taking of Jake Livingston is a supernatural thriller that sucked me right in! Jake Livingston wants to be a graphic artist, hates going to school, and is hiding a very very big secret. Jake Sees dead people. Not just ghosts, but ghosts reenacting the tragic way in which they died, over and over and over again. Each of these ghosts are caught in their own ‘death loop’ and all Jake can do is watch. When his new neighbor, Mateo Mooney is murdered, Jake senses a new ghost. One that doesn’t want to be seen, but does want to haunt Jake. Mateo moved to the neighborhood after he survived a deadly school shooting. Is the new ghost the ghost of the shooter? Did he kill Mateo?

Sawyer Dune is young, lonely and depressed. His biggest struggle is with himself and who he is. He’s not like the people at his school or even like his own family. After a suicide attempt and a lot of therapy, Sawyer has had enough. He gathers his guns and goes to school to leave a mark on the world as he leaves it. Sawyer is the school shooter and now he is haunting Jake.

This book is full of dynamic characters who work well with each other. The writing style is easy and laid back yet full of much needed descriptions. A worth young adult read!