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3.5 stars
Jake can see dead people (spirits), and they don't really interact with him, he just sees them for the most part. The spirits are stuck in this continuous-time loop of reliving that moment, all except Sawyer who has decided to haunt Jake and even attempts to harm him to get revenge for things that happened in Sawyer's life before he died. Now, these things have nothing to do with Jake he just uses Jake as a way to get the control he wants. This becomes a big problem because while Sawyer is haunting Jake, he's also doing things that make Jake look bad and like he's trying to ruin his friends and family's lives. This makes Jake have to learn how to take control back from Sawyer and he has a very short amount of time to do that because Sawyer just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Overall I enjoyed this book. The pacing of it was good and kept the story going constantly without any lulls or boring parts. Jake was a character that was dealing with a lot and no one in his family life believed him, and he does eventually have some support from some friends, but even after that he is still mostly dealing with it on his own as they can't see what he sees. Jake does thankfully have one person who he can talk to about all of this and this person does end up helping him figure out what to do to stop Sawyer once and for all.

We see things from both Jake and Sawyer's point of view throughout the story to figure out why Sawyer is so angry and why he is set on revenge. This part was smooth and really helped the story along all while showing us why and how certain things happened.

I think this book is a good place to start if you're just getting into horror novels as it wasn't too scary while still being extremely creepy at the same time.

I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.