Problematic Writing

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THE SUSHI PROPHECIES follows Sebastian, an idle artist barely escapes crippling social anxieties by managing a posh urban gardening center and its group of varied misfits. He awakens one morning to a new world where all around him the preternatural and fantastic have crept through his city. Thrust into leadership, Sebastian and his weirdos have six days to unwrap a messy family conspiracy before the city is lost and dread overtakes the entire west coast.

I only get a few pages into this, but that's really all I needed. The first thing that caused me to give this a one star rating is the fact that the author used the "r" word to insult a character. That's not acceptable. Additionally, when the random females find out the main character may know how to grow weed, he makes a joke about them scrambling out of their leggings to get free drugs from him. Also, not funny. Demeaning women and those with intellectual or physical disabilities is never humorous.