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Very strange world

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I’m having mixed feelings about this book. Firstly, it’s not the type of book I would pick up right away since it’s not in my preferred genre. But...I like sushi? So maybe I’ll like it? The premise is super vague, so after reading it, I’m really not sure what it’s going to be about except that it seems very druggy-esk? So after reading the first chapter and a half, my take-away is that the book has a great sense of humor. The dialogue is great. But it’s extremely dialogue heavy, and not enough description. So I found myself a little lost. Trying to make sense of the world through dialogue alone is a struggle for me. I can tell that the characters are unique, but I still feel like I’m left floating about, trying to find something to grab onto.

Not sure this is a read I would go for immediately until after reading some reviews to understand more of what it’s about.