Daily Sunshine

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I love the dynamic between the two authors and adore this book. Daily I have read the daily entry to reflect on. It does not feel like too much to handle to start off your day or read before going to bed.

Either way, I tried both, it felt enlightening to start off your day but, for me, feels more effective reading right before going to sleep. Since I am a spiritual person, praying before going to bed, I feel better reading the daily reflection. Along with the bible passage.

It feels more personable that you will see whether Tanya, Raquelle or both are narrating the daily read. Giving their relatable experiences and examples. I enjoy when there are reflective questions or the current narrator will ask to write down your own experience.

The interactiveness is a great touch and I feel a lot better since I started reading this. Along with the Fifth Agreement, both are great reads.