Vibrant and rich story

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This was a wonderfully diverse and exciting story. It had sparked my interest as I am a huge fan of mythology retellings and reworkings and this gave me everything I hoped it would. I learned so much about a mythology I knew very little about. The action was very exciting. The trials that the characters had to participate in were varied and tested them greatly.

I was such a fan of the diversity of the characters as well. I love that the main character is trans and that it was such a *normal* situation in this world. And that there were multiple trans and non-binary characters and so many queer ones as well?! I just loved it so much to see so much beautiful representation.

I really loved the relationships between the characters and how they changed as the competition went on. I did not see the ending twist coming, but I can't wait to re-read this story to try to pick up on the clues that were laid down to get there. I am very eagerly awaiting the conclusion to this duology. I would also love to see more in this world and with these characters.