Trials and Tribulations

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This book is a mix of Percy Jackson and The Hunger Games. It has a lot of Gen Z humor and the characters are all brilliantly wonderful and diverse, both in sexuality and color.

Our main character, Teo, is a trans male demigod (or in this case, semidios). Every 10 years in his world, the God Sol will select a group of teenagers to compete in the Sunbearer Trials and find one person (the loser) to be sacrificed in order for everyone to be safe and protected from the evil Obsidian Dios' (evil gods who have been locked away by Sol).

The concept is amazing, and the adventure, humor, and romance had me hooked. It does start off a little bit slow, but as the story progresses and the characters begin to grow on you, it gets more and more exciting. The trials get harder, and the stakes of the games get more intense.

Another thing to note is that the world-building in this novel is on another level. Aiden Thomas just has a way of being able to connect you to the world's culture and landscape, and wow is there a lot of that in the world of the Sunbearer Trials.

4/5 stars!