Started on a good note but quickly went south

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A group of teenage semidioses are chosen for The Sunbearer Trials – a competition to determine who will be sacrificed to Sol to fuel the Sun Stones for the next ten years.

THE SUNBEARER TRIALS started out on a good note but quickly went south for me. There were so many characters that all of the introductions began feeling cumbersome. I didn’t know if it was someone important to the story that I needed to remember or someone that was just being mentioned in passing. The largest issue I had with this book was not knowing whether it was trying to be middle grade, YA, or something else. The writing felt chaotic with respect to the target audience. There was far too much foul language to be middle grade and some of the topics discussed were more appropriate for YA or adult, yet the writing was often very simplified as if for a younger child. I find enjoyment in reading across a variety of genres and age groups but the inconsistency of this book definitely hindered my ability to really enjoy it. One redeeming quality was the abundant LGBTQIA+ representation.

THE SUNBEARER TRIALS is the first book in Aiden Thomas’ The Sunbearer Duology. It ends with “To Be Continued” to allow for continuation to the second book. It’s unlikely that I will continue reading this series.