One of my favorites of the year

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One of my favorite starts to a duology in a very long time! I feel like I read so many books in the past couple of years that were the first part of a duology, and while I enjoyed quite a few, I haven't finished one and been so excited for the next book in a while. The only one I loved almost as much is "Daughter of the Moon Goddess."

The characters, especially Teo and Aurelio, were wonderfully developed; something just clicked with me and them, and I loved them. The storytelling was also fun and exciting, and the world-building felt so naturally woven into that storytelling, with influence from Mexican mythological gods and culture. I love the modernness of it mixed in with those gods too; it was an uncommon mix, but it worked for me.

Also everything is queer and beautiful and just such a non-issue. I loved it! I've read all of Aiden Thomas's books and love them all.