Gods, Sacrifices, Betrayal, Teen Angst and More

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The story revolved around a competition between the god, or I suppose I should say dios, chosen teenage semidioses. The semidioses, children of gods and goddesses, compete the the dubious honor of being the sunbearer. The sunbearer is ostensibly the winner, but is forced to kill the lowest ranking competitor as a sacrifice before traveling around their world spreading the sun essence.

Teo, the semidios trans son of the Goddess of Birds, never expected to be chosen to compete as he comes from a lower caste of gods and goddesses, the Jades. Very few Jades have ever competed and many who did were the sacrifice.

As expected all but two of the competitors are members of the Gold tier of gods and goddesses. These youth have an edge as they've been trained since childhood to be heroes and for the competition.

Shio is the other fellow Jade chosen for the competition and only 13.

The competition is a slightly softer version of The Hunger Games as the competitors aren't required (and often encouraged to NOT) to hurt the others, but it definitely gets cutthroat. There is also something that seems to be manipulating the teens' brains/bodies to be more vicious with each other.

Who will win? Who'll be the sacrifice? Will the mysterious thing manipulating the youth shut it all down before the end?

This story is hugely inclusive featuring two trans characters, nonbinary representation, a deaf BAMF competitor and of course the heavy influence of Mexican culture.

It's engaging, fun to read and the characters are enjoyable.