Eh, not too good.

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The plot is entrancing, filled with twists and surprises. Although, I thought that it was basically The Hunger Games but with a different setting. The major difference is that 9/10 of the contestants survive, and that the one who dies does it with honor. But still, some of the details are practically right from the Hunger Games.
I can't wait for the second book, as I thought this one had quite the cliffhanger. I absolutely love the writing style; it is very well written. I can practically see Teo and Xio in my mind.
The setting is good. I like the incorporation of Mexican mythology
What I don't love about this is the characters. They aren't very relatable, and the relationships between them are confusing. Teo and Aurelio are ex-friends, but now potentially dating? They make stupid choices, and are somewhat immature.
The cover is nice, but I'm not particularly sure how the wings fit in. Still pretty though!