A Lackluster Hunger Games

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Going into this one I was hoping for a fun, adventurous time (especially since this is being pitched as Percy Jackson meets Hunger Games), but is was so LACKLUSTER and felt uninspired. Most of the book was boring and I found myself wanting to constantly skim while reading. Teo's rise to herodom felt very predictable. The secondary characters were not fleshed out and some of them had zero personality. The trials themselves were dull and even though the loser of the trial was going to die, it never felt like anyone was really at stake (and if they were, none of the characters were likable enough to care about). I will say that the last trial did have some good moments, but the book overall did not get exciting until the last 8%. This book felt more middle grade than young adult. I will say that I enjoyed the amazing representation though and some of the settings they visited were neat.