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Aiden Thomas is one of my very favorite author's, so this has been on my TBR list since it was announced. A few things that I was already excited about, but am even more so now that I've read the sneak peak.

1. THE COVER. Need I say more?
2. The plot. I absolutely love anything involving mythology, so big check there. But upon reading this peek I'm really excited to see how they continue to weave the stories of these gods and demigods into the modern world. Also, who doesn't love a YA book with a magical competition involving characters that shouldn't be a part of said competition.
3. I am so excited to see how characters of Queer and Trans experience are continued to be included into this story. The initial intro to Teo and his experience was so well and uniquely done, and I'm certain that Thomas will continue to build upon the experiences of these characters that is real and authentic.

I truly CANNOT wait to get to read this book in its entirety!