Rory Moore is brilliant!

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Rory Moore might be my favorite new character! She's fantastic and I'm a huge fan already. She may be OCD, slightly autistic but it makes her character quite memorable. Rory is a forensic reconstructionist. Her brilliant brain puts the pieces of crimes together in such a way that she can usually see things that others don't. And it is the most fascinating process I've ever seen. ⁣

In The Suicide House, Rory is in between cases and working on an antique doll restoration. Her life mate, Lane- the forensic psychiatrist, is called to consult on a case in Indiana. 2 students had been killed by a teacher at a Westmont Preparatory School last year and things just don't add up. Rory is intrigued by the case and decides to jump into the investigation. Not only were 2 students murdered, the teacher in question killed himself. 3 other students who were there that night have also committed suicide. When Rory finally puts the pieces together 😳 Man oh man!⁣