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Indiana's elite Westmont Preparatory High School is well known for its strict rules and high expectations. Students are expected to follow its highly enforced rules. However, behind the campus is an abandoned house in the woods that is a late-night hangout for students. At the abandoned house, the students play a game called "Man in the Mirror" and they have one rule: don't let your candle go out.

One year ago, two students were brutally murdered one night. The case became well known and became the focus of a hit podcast, The Suicide House. While a teacher was convicted of the murders, there are still many mysteries and questions surrounding the case. One chilling mystery is why the survivors of the horrible night all return to the boarding house to kill themselves.

Rory is an expert at finding clues on cold cases. She is working with her partner, Lane to solve the mystery behind the murders. They try to recreate the night to find answers that were missed. As they begin to dig into the case, they discover dark secrets and someone willing to stop at nothing to get what they want.

This was my first book by the author and I am hooked. I already added his other books to my reading pile. The novel was thrilling and kept me entertained until the end. I wasn't a fan of the writing style though. I am guessing the author formatted the chapter to feel like short bursts but, it felt annoying after awhile. Overall, I loved the book and can't wait to read more by the author.