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Didn’t work out for me

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I originally thought I’d sleep on this decision but it’s really taking me too long to progress in this book and I may as well call it now: At page 132, I’m cutting my losses and moving this to my abandoned books shelf.

The Suicide House started out strong and suspenseful, opening with a creepy journal entry that piqued my interest. Next, it skips ahead to a game at a boarding school that leads to a night of graphic slaughter. Eventually, the survivors of that horrific event return to the location to kill themselves, one by one. This was all incredibly intriguing!

While the podcast component felt disruptive, I was initially into the mystery of it all. And then, all of a sudden, the author brought in Rory and Lane and was kind of like, “Well, we’re just going to talk about these characters for a while and if you’re here for the mystery, you’re going to have to wait.” I was a bit miffed by that. Although it did help me comprehend the role these characters play, especially since I have not read Some Choose Darkness, the way it was done felt so out of place and really interrupted the flow of the story. It did return to some action eventually but it felt like things kept jumping around and the page turner this started out as faded away. I wanted to power through it but finding the motivation to pick it up has diminished. I think Donlea is a good writer with a special talent for developing creepiness but the way this book was arranged killed the story’s momentum, at least for me. There are other things I am eager to read so it’s time to move on.