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Whirlwind of a read

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Two ruffians for hire. Missing shipments belonging to a very powerful group. Old and New Gods locked in a battle for millennia. What could go wrong?

This novel was a whirlwind of a story. Every time the characters think they know what they are getting into, something more happens. I very much enjoyed that there was no simple answer to the mysteries laid before Buc and Eld. The complexities were intriguing but not over the top.

Since I had received an ARC of this novel, there was a matter of their ages since there was a bit of a love story trying to brew. However, I think it was good on the author to make Buc and Eld closer in age-17 and 19 respectively, as opposed to the original 16 and 22. Had the author stuck with the original ages, I would have loved a more sibling esque relationship as opposed to romantic inclinations.

Where this story left off leaves many questions, but thankfully that just tempts me to buy the second book once its published. I love when the unanswered questions roll around in my mind so I can make inferences and hypotheses before the next novel.

I cannot wait for more.