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I loved the first chapter that I read as a preview, absolutely loved it. But then I read a few more chapters, and this book failed to hook me. Buc was a bit childish at times. Could have that been the author’s attempt at a snarky, sassy, female lead like Aelin or Mia? Eld spent a whole chapter replaying war memories, which has nothing to do with the plot as far as I can tell so far. And honestly, the war scene bored me. I usually like war scenes, but there was no connection to the plot to make it stick, and it just felt like the author wanted to give Eld PTSD so he could have a mentally unstable character. Why was there a chapter of 3rd person pov of the police lady? I just want Buc’s pov the whole time, and maybe some Eld too, but that was necessary for some reason. They got on a boat, then Buc is making trouble on said boat, then the chapter ends. Next thing I know, Eld is describing what happened in his memory. It would have been funnier to see it happen real-time, then have it be flashback. It’s not even proper flashback like the war scene! I stopped reading about 50 pages in, because I realized that I enjoyed the story, but not the writing. I could not plow my way through any more of the writing, so I had to stop. Great plot though. Love the stuff about the dead gods! I wish we saw more of that, and less of police woman explaining information I already guessed at myself.