Love this already...

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I love this already. The characters have a good amount of personality and there is humor already seen in the very first paragraphs. I love the wit, the language, and the descriptions. The fact that this book is marketed the way it is has me excited and I know it will be right up my alley. I’m excited to see what happens to the duo MCs. They are friends certainly. But will they become more? The author has been able to achieve something already than most authors and books I’ve read: I can’t stop thinking about what I read! Sure, only 13 pages as a sneak peek, but it was enough for me to keep thinking about it and getting excited for the story. The author has a way with descriptions that leave you with actual visions of the atmosphere and makes you feel as if you’re there with the characters. The style isn’t rushed or congested but it flows well and creates a smooth read!