Exciting Premise

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The two chapter teaser is enough to make me wonder what will happen next. I like how Buc is portrayed as an intelligent and street smart main character. I also like her cohort, Eld. Together they play off each other well. I want to know more about this world of untrustworthy mages and how Buc ties into it.

The cover has a catching illustration that fits well with the image in my head of the main character and the synopsis of pirates. I look forward to finding out how the title fits with the plot as well.

The only reason I've chosen no to buy this book based off the sample is because I haven't read enough to put me into the story.

Please note, the only reason I am not entering the raffle is because I was recently granted a digital copy from the publisher. Though I would love a physical copy, I don't believe that would be appropriate. I can't wait to continue on! Thank you.