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Reading this book brought to life the dire realities of the time period, and I loved the setting for this story. Maria is on her way home after 2.5 years of forced labor, and she will discover that much has changed.
When she was kidnapped, she promised her parents she'd be home soon, and she's determined to keep that promise.
Despite the fact that this was a work of fiction, I feel like I learned a lot about a period of history that has been covered in a lot of textbooks and fictional books. It was definitely a different take on WWII than I'd read before. There didn't seem to be any slow points in the plot at all. I was smitten by the two main characters. It was very easy to empathize with all of the characters. The romance subplot involving Maria and Kostya was very well done. I enjoy books told in dual perspectives, and having both of their points of view added a lot to the story. In all i loved it i would recommend to anyone.