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This book was a real page-turner. It grabbed my attention right at the beginning, and it never let go. It was very suspenseful, especially since it was never clear who could be trusted.

Maria and Kostya both had backstories that made them sympathetic characters. They didn’t always act the way I would have wanted them to, but they acted in ways that were realistic given their pasts and given the circumstances.

Although the ending wasn't a neatly tied up package, I still found it satisfying.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical fiction, even if they say they're tired of WWII books. Although this was set during the time of the second World War, it was coming from a different angle. It wasn’t about the war but about the tensions, distrust, and hatred between the Polish resistance and the Ukrainian Insurgant Army.

Thank you to Bookishfirst for the early read.