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Wow. What an incredibly emotional read. I am always drawn to War settings in fiction, I suppose because they always teach me something new about humanity, motivations, and the strength of the human spirit.

Beginning the the title and cover art - I feel they both fit the story nicely and really set the tone. The Silent Unseen is a powerful title.

Maria and Kostya are captivating characters who put me through many emotions. They are very complex and I got to know them fairly well.

While I enjoyed this story as a whole, and find it stays in my thoughts, there are parts in the story that felt rushed and became confusing. I had a problem with trying to figure out some of who was who. Another thing that tripped me up a bit were the names - but that's to be expected in a sense.

I found the story especially powerful because of what is currently going on with the Ukrainian crisis. It really hits the heart.