Fascinating WWII Viewpoint

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The book was a unique view of the WWII, or, technically, the post-WWII era--at least from a Western viewpoint. I felt drawn to the two main characters immediately. Both are young adults thrust into a world in which they have no control and are in almost constant danger. It is a reminder to the reader that while the war may have been over in Western Europe, less black-and-white wars still raged on in Eastern Europe as they tried to establish themselves after the Nazi invasion.

While everyone seems to have different end goals, each of the characters introduced thus far seem to be fully-developed characters with varying emotional motivations for their actions. While they seem like three-dimensional characters, most of their goals are at ends with one another and likely to lead to many dramatic controversies later on. I was disappointed once the preview ended, as I wanted to read the whole thing right now!