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This is a WWII novel centered around two main characters, Maria and Kostya, who are meant to be enemies as determined by their nationalities. Due to being different nationalities during a war, there is naturally uncertainty as to who each can trust, therefore, creating tension throughout the story.

Many children were taken during the war to labor camps or to help fight in the military. One thing I liked throughout this story is that you get to see a different perspective of the children of war, specifically when they go to return home once the opportunity presents itself to them. This to me was unique as many historical fiction books I have read start at the beginning of the event, but they don't always spend a lot of time talking about how the people are impacted afterward.

For me, one negative of the book was that the ending was abrupt. I would have liked to see more of the story progress.

Overall this book was a quick read for me as the story was engaging and interesting throughout.