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Poland, July 1944.
In the midst of a war between Polish nationalists and Ukrainian resistance, Maria, 16 years old, is making her way home after years of forced labor in Nazi Germany. She is shocked to learn that her brother, Tomek, is in charge of the local Resistance unit. His plan to resist a new and even more dangerous enemy that has swept in from the east has led him to become a "Silent Unseen," a special-operations agent. The night Tomek disappeared, Maria was determined to find him. However, the only person who might be able to help her was a young Ukrainian prisoner. This was the last person she trusted even as she felt a connection to him that she could not resist.

It should be noted that The Silent Unseen is a companion novel to Traitor. Traitor takes place in the same setting at around the same time as The Silent Unseen and centers on some of the side characters from the first book.

I love historical fiction, especially stories set during World War II. This is one of my favorite books so far. Looking forward to seeing this author's future works in the future.