You never know what motivates some people reactions

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This is a psychological mystery that delves into trying to understand the thoughts and motives for a persons responses to eventsz. This story is about a married couple that are artists in their chosen fields. They have shared seven years of marriage and they each encourage the other to succeed in their careers. The husband is a well known photographer and the wife is a painter. On an extremely hot day the husband is driven to a photo shoot for a magazine and the wife stays at home. Unfortunately, the shoot took several more hours than was originally planned and it was after 11 before the husband returned home. About 30 minutes after his return, a neighbor contacted police after hearing shots being fired. When the police went in the house the husband was sitting in a chair with his feet and ankles wired to the chair leg. His suffered 5 shots to his face. His wife was found holding a knife, trying to slash her wrists. She never spoke another word.