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This book was PHENOMENAL! One of my most surprising reads of the year in the fact that it was so good. It is a very slow burn throughout the novel but in a way I think that made the ending much more shocking and striking to its audience. I found the premise of the story to be interesting from a psychology point of view and the way that they weaved Greek mythology as well. At times, I felt like it was a bit boring listening to Theo at certain points but maybe that was the point all along? (NO SPOILERS I PROMISE). However, it did make it hard to read at certain points because it did feel so slow. Also, you could feel the tension whenever he was going home to his wife or before he spoke to Alicia and I think that really added to the overall effect at the end of the book. Overall, the hype for this book was very accurate which won't leave readers disappointed! It will do the opposite and give you chills!