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I was originally only going to give this 4 stars because I was annoyed with how the narrator, Theo, who we're led to believe is a protagonist (lmao) kept bringing up his wife's affair and making the book about him and less about Alicia. I was prepared for this review to be me just screaming about how I wished Alicia had more of a voice in the book or at least more diary entries than she had, but now I realize that in order for the twist ending to work, it needed to be The Theo Show. It needed to have all of the gritty details of this lover his wife had. All this time I was thinking that this author was just sticking this guy's angst in the book for filler, but all of it had a point. It all led to his MOTIVE to go after Gabriel and subsequently, Alicia. I don't know if this review is coherent or if this is even considered a review (I'm aware that I'm rambling), but I've just finished the book and honestly, bewildered is an understatement. Flabbergasted is an understatement. Shaken is an understatement, also.

Also I'm incredibly astounded that the author managed to seamlessly blend the past (six years prior to Theo's sessions with Alicia, the time of the affair and the murder) and the present. I literally did not notice that there were two timelines going. I don't know if I'm dumb and it was obvious the whole time, or if that was deliberate. Okay, I'm going to stop now. Time to read what all of you guys thought all night while I get no sleep!!