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Walk the Plank!

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Ahoy there mateys! I don’t read many thrillers and I seem to be in the minority (again!) with this. The crew was talking about how great this novel was and I admit that the premise of a wife shooting a husband and then never speaking again appealed. Why did she stop? What would she have to say? I wanted answers.

I had misgivings early on in the book. Basically the main character, Theo, seemed both unreliable and a bit of an egotistical jerk. He was utterly convinced that he could get Alicia to speak again. And yet the question of what Alicia would say when she finally spoke made me ignore the quibbles and keep reading. I loved the premise. I thought the writing was excellent and I didn’t get bored. So what was the problem?

I completely guessed the twist. This isn’t something that happens often or usually bothers me when it does. However, in this case, I did not like how the story resolved at all. I did very much enjoy watching Theo’s relationship with Alicia in the therapy sessions. I thought the various characters were kinda fun and enjoyed how the author tied the relationships together. But I did not buy the whys and wherefores of the reasons for Alicia shooting her husband. I really didn’t like any of the resolutions regarding the twist and how it panned out. I can’t really get into more specifics because it would spoil the entire plot for those who haven’t read it.

This does seem to be a case of it not working for me personally and not the writer. Thrillers are really hit or miss for me. I keep telling meself after every bad experience to stop reading them but end up getting another for a change of pace once enough time goes by. And this read, while quick, irked me and wasn’t to me taste. So it hereby walks the plank! Arrrrr!!