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I skimmed over the first page of reviews for this book. Every single one of them mentions a twist. When you see that you tend to go, oh god, you ruined the story. In my eyes, because I didn't know what the twist exactly was, I was aware of it but did not know what it was or where it happened.

I found this book to be pretty interesting... but there was something about the writing that just felt flat to me. Like the story and characters just didn't feel all there to me. I wish I could put my finger on it or explain it better. I think I liked the 'object' of the story or the overall presented plot of the story, but not the actual way it went down and or the characters involved? There we go.

[ The twist is basically that the psychologist's issues with his wife are happening on or in another time frame, prior to treating her. It is from her diary and his narrative by the end of the book that the two meet and you find out that he is the guy that killed her husband. That she knows it is him, but his reasons for treating her are out of remorse and grief. He had appeared masked to her so he thought she wouldn't recognize him, but she did. It's just that the jumps between the two timelines and or the narrative was messy when it came to the narrator. I get he is an unreliable narrator, but some reviews mentioned that the writing shifts to accommodate that. This I have to agree because, again, the writing was so off and the way the twist was handled felt like you wouldn't have known you were reading two different time lines or that nothing seemed to be fluid. Everything is told in the current stance but for some reason what he did or had done took place months ago. (hide spoiler)]

Again, one of those stories for me that I liked the plot but I think the execution came out messy. A beach read for sure.