Unpopular Opinion

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I'm going to give a hugely unpopular opinion and I'm sure people will hate me for writing this, but whoops. I really hated this book. Like a lot.

I am not a thriller fan, but decided to give this book at try at the insistence of many friends. I wish I would have skipped it. I spent most of the book, like many, trying to figure out the plot twist and how the different story lines fit in. When I got to the end, I was not only confused, but also super disappointed. Worst therapist in the history of therapists!

Unfortunately, I found the book extremely overrated and not one that I would recommend to others. However, I have heard that if you like thrillers this is a great one. Although I did not enjoy the book, the narrator of the audiobook was really great. The Silent Patient was just outside of my wheelhouse and did not end up being a fun, surprising or enjoyable read for me. It left me underwhelmed.