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Twisty domestic thriller

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I did enjoy this thriller as it was different than most of the others. I liked the characters, and I was interested in the story. I wanted to keep picking this up to see what happened.

However, I had a hard time with the twist and the end. It seemed a little out of the blue (although I can look back and see the clues now, I guess) and there seemed to be a lot of places where you had to suspend disbelief in order to get to the end.

The idea that the story is told by a psychotherapist (by someone at the end who suggested he write a book) kind of makes this even more mind-bending. Theo, the psychotherapist, gets a job just so he can treat Alicia, a woman who won't speak after being accused of murdering her husband six years prior. The way the pair were found doesn't immediately scream murder, so then there is the question of was someone else involved. If so, who? Theo tries to make it his mission to get as much information as possible, talking to Alicia's family and neighbors (which seems to be a bit much as a therapist, but as the reader, we go with it). He admits to becoming too invested in her case, and that is true.

It's hard to write more without spoiling it, and I don't want to do that. So grab a copy - if you are hooked from the beginning, you'll enjoy the ride