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Well it took me a while to want to read this one, because I wasn't sure I wanted to be immersed in a psych ward, but it was worth it! Not exactly what I expected, but I think it was done well. The writing was easy to read and follow, but it didn't exactly read like other thrillers I've read-it wasn't fast, fast and page-turning with twists on every other page. But the writing was captivating for two reasons-the duel timeline between the MC psychotherapist and the MC therapy patient/homicidal widow-wife, and the psychotherapist character occasionally addressing the reader in the second person. Those sections were some of the most intimate and creepy parts; I wish there had been more of this tone/voice as part of the storytelling.

Alicia has been silent for a number of years after allegedly killing her husband. Theo takes an interest in her case and is determined to help her express herself and share her story in order to free her emotionally/psychologically. There are a handful of suspects that you meet along the way and both MCs seem unreliable at times. I wish Michaelides hadn't wrapped up the ending quite so rapidly, because I think the slow build of the first part of this book deserved more development in the conclusion. Still, very enjoyable and not as claustrophobic as I had feared before finally choosing to read it. I'm likely to read again by this author.