So Creepy!

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"“Choosing a lover is a lot like choosing a therapist. We need to ask ourselves, is this someone who will be honest with me, listen to criticism, admit making mistakes, and not promise the impossible?”

I'm not a big horror fan, but I saw everyone raving about this book, and I knew that I had to be brave and read it. From the first page, I was absolutely hooked.

The author artfully crafts the eerieness of the novel. The main character, Alicia, is also extremely dynamic, and makes the novel so interesting. The premise of the novel is also captivating, though I would recommend going into the book as blind as possible. I have never seen a book follow this same premise, and the book is so original not just with the plot, but with how the characters and their relationships are explored and defined.

The ending absolutely shocked me, I am usually really good at guessing twists, but this one was very mindblowing.