Quite the Twist!

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This book was recommended to me by a friend who read it for her bookclub; I read the ebook for free via my local public library. I am a lover of mystery books, though psychological thrillers and thrillers generally are not my favorite: I don't like to be tortured or stressed. In all honesty, I love cozy mysteries with old lady heroines who you never fear will die. This book, while not really a "thriller" has what I would call psychological intrigue, and fell a little outside of my comfort zone. Plus, the cover? Totally terrifying. I hate looking at it, even now, as I write this review. I should acknowledge that, at my begging, I made my friend tell me how this book ended. She didn't tell me everything, so there were definitely some surprises, but I didn't got in quite as in-the-dark as your every day reader. Despite this (or maybe because of? I find comfort in knowing what happens), I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was fascinating, full of surprises, and had a totally unique premise and plot. The book is told from the prospective of a psychologist who works with a woman in a psychiatric institution after she is convicted of murdering her husband. The catch is that the woman has not spoken a word since the cops arrested her (and years have passed), so the doctor is attempting to understand what happened and what as caused her silence. For anyone who likes modern mysteries, I would definitely say to give this a go.