Pulled Into A Shocker

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Amazing beginning! The author had me from the get go as I was pulled into the abyss, along with the characters and the twists and turns of the plot.
THE SILENT PATIENT, by Alex Michaelides had me spellbound as I sank deeper into the story. It was like being caught in a quagmire. The story literally would not let me go.
The style of writing was so unique, I can't wait to read more books by this amazing author. The work was so genuine. A true living nightmare. And the ending. A true living shocker. It was mind-blowing.
At first I did not know what to think, or who did what. Then as I read deeper into the story, a piece of the puzzle began to fall into place. Then suddenly, a new twist. The farther I read the thicker the plot, and deeper the mystery. A must read.