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Predictable, Yet Enjoyable

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The Silent Patient was rather predictable while reading, however, I kept reading only to determine whether my idea was correct or there was a different plot twist all together.
There was an element of deliberate confusion and fog around the events of the story as it is told in parts from the psychotherapist attempting to figure out a mystery. I was rather disappointed to find out that the ending was the predictable twist I had been wondering about for a while during reading.
I did however, appreciate the author's writing voice, and the consistent pacing that was maintained throughout the story. The characters seemed to serve the genre, and came off as shallow, or under-developed. Perhaps I guessed the twist ending too quickly and that skewed my enjoyment of the story, but I did not fully see the merited hype of this novel. I have read better and worse psychological thrillers, this one is mid-tier