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One of the best thrillers i've read

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This book was absolutely amazing. Once i picked it up i couldn't put it down. It was a page turner and i read this whole book in a day. The characters had multiple layers and i was constantly rooting for someone. I was never bored while reading this book which happens often when reading thrillers. I was constantly trying to figure out what had happened but i still wasn't even close to guessing. I enjoyed the descriptions and the book wasn't dragged. I was completely shocked with the plot twist at the end. It was completely unexpected and i just sat there for a while trying to process what i just read. I would never have guessed it in a million years. I have read many thrillers in the past and somehow i seemed to always figure out the ending which was annoying and i almost gave up thinking i was gonna find a thriller with an amazing plot twist but this book proved me wrong. I definitely recommend!