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Not thrilled!!

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I read this was a psychological thriller editor's choice for February 2019 and thought, "Well, sounds like my kind of book"! And it was until the last few chapters, then it sunk like a ship with a huge hole!!

Synopsis: Wife, who is a famous artist, shoots husband in the face, is caught with all his blood on her plus her blood cause she cut her wrists. But, she does not die and she never talks again after this. She is convicted and sentenced to a medical treatment facility for the insane.

Fast forward six years and a therapist named Theo wants to help her and gets hired on at the facility she is housed in. He is determined to get her to talk again and uses different ways to get her to open up. Little do we know, he is involved in some distinct way on the night of the murder. But it was such a build up to this and then everything is revealed it seems in one failed swoop!! Not happy with that ending. Don't waste your time!!