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Never saw it coming

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I’m so disappointed in myself for not finishing this book sooner.
I had tried to read it and I must’ve been in a funk- after hearing so many good things about it I had to try again.
I AM SO GLAD I DID. I’m changing my DNF to a freaking 5 STAR book.
If you haven’t read it - go, do it now.

She was charged with the murder of her husband and hasn’t spoken a word since. Theo is a psychotherapist who is determined to fix her. He gets a job at the psychiatric hospital she is in and begins diving through the many layers of Alicia Berenson. What has made Alicia silent all these years?

This book has everything you want in it- I never saw the twist coming- and that’s my favorite part of mystery books.
You know that there was going to be something between Alicia and Theo. The way he was so obsessed with her. The author really wraps you into their story before he drops the bomb. Great read !