My first five star this year!

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I’ve been searching for my five star book and I found it in the Silent Patient! This book was everything I’ve been looking for! Alice Berenson an artist has been found covered in blood with her wrists cut and her husband Gabriel has been shot multiple times, she now has been charged with his murder. She refuses to speak even one word and now is in a mental hospital serving her time. Fast forward six years and you meet Theo Faber who suffered a difficult childhood but decided that he wanted to be a psychotherapist to help people such as his own therapist had helped him. He lands a job at the same hospital that Alice is at and has made up his mind he’s going to be the one to get her speak and find out what really happened that fateful night. As we learn more about Alice through her journal we find that she expresses herself through her paintings. We slowly learn that not everything was what it seemed. Alice felt like she was being watched and possibly stalked but everyone Theo interviews seems to have something to hide and just tell him that Alice is just playing with his mind. On top of trying to help Alice it seems like his own marriage is falling apart and helping Alice seems like it’s almost becoming an obsession. Did Alice really murder her husband? Was she being stalked and will Theo be able to uncover everyone’s secret and still keep his marriage together? Let me just tell you the sudden twist in this book will have you thinking about it even a week later after reading this book! I love this book and give it five stars!! This book is available now it came out February 5th 2019!