Mind Blowing Thriller

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That was craaaazy!! This is such a good page turning mind boggling thriller. We meet Alicia who is in a psych facility for shooting her husband in the head and killing him. She won’t speak. The book is narrated by her psychotherapist Theo and we also get to read snippets of alicias diary. We learn of Theos own difficult past and how he requires therapy of his own. He works with Alicia to get her talking about what happened the night of Gabriel’s death. It seemed odd to me that he seemed so focused on helping her and getting this job. While he’s working with Alicia we learn of Theos girlfirend kathys prior affair and how distraught it made Theo at the time.

Go ahead and try to figure this one out before you close the book. I literally screamed out loud while reading the final twists and turns. Your mouth will be left agape at this one. You will never see it coming. Compelling read.