It goes without saying that this book was gripping and a page turner!

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I really enjoyed the way that the story was presented. It was unique to see the perspective of the therapist and not the detective or someone else. This book got me hooked from the first chapter. I love the fact that throughout the book we had little diary entries from the victim. It added a new depth to the story that wouldn't have been there if we had only seen the therapist. It also gave a more suspenseful feeling because we were seeing through the eyes of the victim and we knew what was going to happen but the person that we were looking through didn't.

I also really liked that certain psychological elements were added and yet we didn't feel like we were reading a textbook. We were really able to put our self into the characters position and it really made us have emotionally attachment to the story.

It goes without saying that this book was gripping and it was a page turner. I was never bored and that is something that I really enjoy in a book because if there is even a page length of time when I'm just like 'okay get on with it' that will make me not like it. I love that I was constantly on the edge of my seat and I wanted to know what was going to happen.

I was also happy that this book didn't shy away from difficult topics such as self harm, suicide and abuse. Even though it can be hard to read such things, it gave a level of death to the story. It made it more realistic and so people were able to become more involved in it. I would highly recommend this to anyone I come across.

What made me lower my rating from a 5 to 4 is the fact that there were some things that were left as Cliffhangers. Which is something that I really don't enjoy in a book and even though some people might enjoy it, I feel like I want to know the full story. I want to know the final outcome of what we spent all that time putting our energy toward.

Overall I loved almost everything about this book from the plot, the characters, the timing and even the descriptive detail. It was highly worth my time.