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Interesting Concept

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I listened to this as an audiobook so I enjoyed listened to the inner thoughts of the main character. I thought the style of writing was complex and you could see the author deciding how to write all of the ideas by intertwining them into the storyline right away. The plot is interesting when it comes to the "silent patient". I
understood why she was silent, but I still had a few questions by the time I finished the entire story. The characters were overall likeable, but I disliked certain characters when I figured out the plotline and what twists were going to occur. I was not surprised overall by the plot because I have been reading lots of books that are related to suspense. I saw the ending coming, but it wasn't immediately clear and I wanted to read the whole thing to figure out if I was truly correct.

The cover is amazing. It took me a few times to look at the cover to determine that there is someone in the background with the "ripped" paper covering/coming off the mouth area. I thought that was very creative.